LEEDAZIL SE45Silicon softner


Type of product : micro emulsion from aminosiloxan
Ionogenity : nonionic
Appearance : colorless and transparent
Consistency : liquid
PH : 5

• Extremely soft handle
• Stable in front of washing
• Hydrofoil silicon softner
• Improve the sewing property of the fabric
• Increase the elastic effect specially for tricot fabric
• Useable for towel and bedsheet
• For permanent finishing for cotton, viscose, wool ,synthetic fibers and blending of them in continues and discontinues methods

Leedazil SE45 dissolving in water with any ratio and have a transparent and colorless emulsion .It can used for folard and exhaust process.

Exhaust Process
Leedasil SE45: 0.7 - 2%
Temperature: 40-45°C
Time: 20-30min
PH: 5
Folard system
Leedasil SE45: 3.5 - 22 g/l
PH: 5
Drying: 130°C

Spesial remarks
Storage stability at least 9 months
Preservation it from frost .keep it at 20°C