LEEDOWAX tusoftner


Type of product :acid amid oil and paraffin
Ionogenity : nonionic
Appearance : milky
Consistency : viscous liquid
PH-value:6-10(depending on usage)

• Used for getting slipperiness on cloths and fibers mostly and fullness on cloths and fibers also. It makes the cloth and fiber antistatic also
• It is dissolved in hot water very easily.
• It is suitable to be used with optical bleachers.
• Not gets yellow by the effect of heat.
• Leedowax TU is resistive against hard water, dilute acid and base, materials which are reductive and oxidants.
• Leedowax TU is also suitable in use of starch, dextrin and other fillers.

• It is suitable for all kinds of cloths.
• It is dissolved in between 40-50 c and added to the bath.
• Leedowax TU is applied by a bath exhaustion process after bleaching or dying. We recommend to set the PH of the bath to 5.5 to 6 by using acetic acid and circulate 5 min at room temperature. Then add Leedowax TU and increase temperature within 15 min to 45. During outside-inside. The bath by then should be clear. If necessary temperature can be raised until 70 degree celsius to reach complete exhaustion. Drain without rinsing.

Guide recipe
1.5-3%of the weight of the goods

Spesial remarks
The products sensitive to frost.Shelf life 6 months in closed original containers.