Leeritun 38/50 NHStretch oil


Type of product: combination of mineral oil, emulsifier and antistatic
Ionogenity: nonionic
Appearance: light brown
Consistency : liquid
PH-value: 6.5-7

- Without corrosion effect
- No effect on dye shade and causes the scroopy handle on yarn
- Water soluble and excellent removability
- No yellowish or bad odour(also at longer storge times)
- For washouting the oil from fabric ,don’t use the thermal fixation
- Suitable for the system that oiling with rolling.

Dissolving method can be emulsion in hard water (ulmost 200ppm) in any ratio.
Guide recipe
Leeritun 38/50 N use directly and suggestion amount is 1-3%.

Spesial remarks
Storage stability 12 months
Product solidifies with continuing frost, don’t storage below 5°C